I’m passionate about this project partly because I want to make science accessible to a wider audience and easier to learn for students. Several of my classes had boring parts that were easier to grasp or remember because I could illustrate them in fun ways. Some concepts were described in the text books with lots of complicated text, but became much easier to grasp by drawing them. To that end I hope you will find my comics useful in your teachings.

If you want high resolution versions of any one comic or access to a patreon-only comic for use in teaching materials, just contact me.

Copyright stuff

Since the copyright law in most countries demands that you get the authors concent before using anything, I’ll write something about that here so you don’t have to email me.

You can use all comics published on this site and/or the fancyfacts patreon page free of charge and as much as you want in your teaching materials, with the following limitations

  1. You may not alter the comic in any way
  2. You must reference fancyfacts.info somewhere

While my intended audience for these terms and conditions are high-school and university teachers and professors, they do extend to everyone who makes supporting materials for any kind of teaching from kindergarten to senior centers.

You may not include my comics in any kind of professionally printed work, for example, but not limited to, text books, either physical or digital, without my prior written consent. Mostly because I want to maintain creative control and may want to adapt the drawing to fit better with your project, but also because if you are going to make money by selling something which includes my drawings I reserve the right to negotiate for some form of payment.

Patreon “University access” T&C

At this pledge level you get to work with me to create custom comics for you teaching materials, once a month, with no additional charge. I do, however, have some terms that I decided to list here so they are accessible before you decide whether this pledge level is for you.

The comics must fit within the fancyfacts format. This generally means that it must fit on one A4 page, be a single illustration (not a comic strip) and have five or less distinct characters. These are general guidelines, but I do retain the right to refuse concepts that fall outside this scope.

The comics should be related to my field of study. I will work with you to draw most things, but my masters degree is in biotechnology, so the quality will probably be higher if your idea lies within the biological sciences.

I will publish your custom comic as a regular fancyfact at a time of my choosing.

In combination these terms basically means that you get to comission one custom fancyfact comic each month.

This pledge level also includes automatic access to high resolution downloads of all fancyfacts comics. While all educators can request this on a per-comic-basis, this pledge level includes automatic acces to the entire back log and new comics.

Comissions for other work

I do take other comissions, if you want illustrations for work that don’t fit within the fancyfacts scope, or need a larger volume that one per month. See my artist page agatz.no for examples of my other work and contact info.


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