Who we are

FancyFacts is made by Oda Mamen, a biotechnologist from Norway. There is currently no registered business entity behind the project, allthough I am in the process of forming one. When it is established, it should not significantly change the things set out in this policy.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

This website uses various plugins which come with their own privacy policies and may collect personal information to the extent you interact with them. This includes storing personal information in this websites backend in a way where I can access them. By using my website you will be subject to these plugins’ policies, but you can avoid using them on this website by accessing my content on Instagram or Patreon instead. The sections below describe each of these plugins in more detail and link to their respective privacy policies.

Contact forms

Any contact forms on the page process the personal data they ask for. They also utilize Googles invisible Re-Captcha v2, which does collect personal information silently. Googles Privacy Policy and Terms of use describe how Google handles personal information. I only use this tool for spam-protection on contact forms, so you can opt out by not using those and contacting me by another means instead.


I use Google Analytics to track usage of my website. I only see aggregate data in the Analytics dashboard, and Google has done a lot to make Analytics more privacy friendly, but they still process personal information and track you using cookies. Googles Privacy Policy and Terms of use describe how Google handles personal information and how you can ask to get your gata deleted.

There are also browser plugins which lets you stop Google Analytics from tracking you, search for “google analytics opt-out plugin” to see if one is availale for your browser.

You can also access (most) of my content on Instagram if you want to avoid my use of Google Analytics alltogether.


The Patreon plugin lets Patreon users log in with their Patreon account in order to access gated content. In order to enable you to use this website with Patreon services, we save certain functionally important Patreon information about you in this website if you log in with Patreon.

Basically the Patreon plugin automatically creates a user in my website which stores personal information, including your Patreon user id, Patreon username, your first, last names and your vanity name. Additionally, the id of your campaign at Patreon and your campaign’s Patreon URL are also saved. This happens when you sign in with Patreon the first time, even if you are not subscribed to my channel at the time. You can avoid having your data stored here by not signing in with Patreon.

If you request that your data be deleted from this website Patreon functionality will stop working. You would need to sign in with Patreon again in order to create a new user and restore functionality. Your access to my content on Patreon.com will not be affected by removal of your user account on fancyfacts.info.

Any user account the Patreon plugin has created for you on this site will remain even if you request that Patreon delete your account information. You will have to send a separate request to the email listed below in order to have user accounts on this site deleted as well.

Shop / WooCommerce

The shop collects personal information in order to function properly, and in order to analyze user behavior. You can avoid this by not using the webshop on my website.

While you visit the shop, the website will track:

  • Products you’ve viewed: we’ll use this to, for example, show you products you’ve recently viewed
  • Location, IP address and browser type: we’ll use this for purposes like estimating taxes and shipping
  • Shipping address: we’ll ask you to enter this so we can, for instance, estimate shipping before you place an order, and send you the order!

Some of this will be tracked automatically and stored in cookies. The store uses cookies to keep track of cart contents while you’re browsing our site.

If you place an order I’ll collect any personal information needed to process your order. This information will be shared with third parties in order to fullfill your order. In particular I use Printful to produce and ship orders, so they will get any information from your order they need to do that. This mostly include your contact and shipping information. Printfuls privacy policy is available here. I also use payment handlers to process payments in the store, and they will get access to you payment information. Currently I use Stripe, whos privacy policy is available here.

Order data from the store will be kept as part of my financial records for as long as I’m legally required to do so. Currently that’s five (5) years. Your data may also be stored for similar reasons with the order fullfilment and/or payment providers I use.

What rights you have over your data

If you have an account on this site, or have left comments, you can request to receive an exported file of the personal data we hold about you, including any data you have provided to us. You can also request that we erase any personal data we hold about you. This does not include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

My contact information

You can contact me at contact@fancyfacts.info if you have any questions about this privacy policy or want to exercise any rights it gives you.

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