This document contains the terms and conditions for purchases in the store on this website.

I use Printful to fullfil orders and Stripe to process payments. Orders are sent directly from Printfuls facilities to your shipping address, with no input from me. Therefore, this policy is based in large parts on Printfuls own policies.

Limited Warranty on Products

Printfuls warranty policies applies to any orders made in the store. It is available in their terms of service part 6 and 7.

The most important parts are as follows:
1. in jurisdictions where longer warranty periods are not mandated, the warranty period is limited to 30 days from delivery.
2. The warranty only extends to the original buyer
3. The warranty does not cover color differences between shop images and finished product or differences in clothing sizes.

Please note that the list above is my rephrasing of Printfuls policy intended to highligt the most important limitations of the policy. Your purchase will be covered by the orginal policy text in it’s entirety.


The following is based on Printfuls returns policy, and this is intended to highligt what I view as the most important parts. I do unfortunately not have the capacity to handle most returns, so the full restrictions in Printfuls original policy applies to your purchase.

Essentially, returns may only be accepted if there is something wrong with the production of the order. If the product is misprinted, damaged or defective, you may send an e-mail to and I’ll initiate the problem resolving process with Printful.

If your order is lost in transit, you may also contact me.

Returns are not accepted for other reasons, including wrong sizes. Since all products available in my store is custom printed, rights of withdrawal for distance and off-premises contracts usually granted to consumers in the EU and EEA do not apply in accordance with Article 16(c) of the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights. For Norwegian customers the applicable law is Angrerettloven § 22 e.

Taxes, fees, VAT, etc

I do not handle any taxes, import fees, VAT or other such costs that may apply to your order. You are responsible for these and any other such payments as applicable in your country.

My business currently to small to be allowed to collect VAT in Norway, and because of this I can’t setup any system for handling such taxes and/or fees in other countries either.


Once you have confirmed your order it is most likely not possible to change the order contents or the shipping information.

Shipping costs are calculated by Printful based on your shipping adress during checkout and before you pay. They are then automatically added to your order total.

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