I just think this is really cool. I’m a big fan of black, and I can think of so many awesome uses for this, if only it was possible for me to get insane amounts of it. But that’s never gonna happen, so I’m just gonna stick with my imagination. And do stuff like this.

It actually took a stupid long time do draw this. Yes, I could just have taken an old picture of kitty and colored it black in paint, but I wanted to see how dark I was actually able to draw something. I used 4 different black pens/pencils and it nearly destroyed the paper 😛 And if anyone should wonder why Kitty still has a somewhat visible face, I figured she would not want to coat her eyes and mouth. They are the normal kind/amount of black I use to make her eyes and mouth.

Check out more: https://www.surreynanosystems.com/about/vantablack (last accessed 11.06.2021)