When I as considering this one, I thought maybe I shouldn’t make it, because it’s rather common knowledge, right?  “Because everyone knows that lichens are made up of.. eh..  ” and then I realized that I actually forgot it, so at least I have made something that will prevent me from forgetting this again, so here it goes xD

Oh, and the hat? I just think most people think of fruiting bodies when they hear fungi, and people who don’t enjoy looking at hyphae on their free time might not recognize them as fungi. So I gave the fungus a mushroom-hat, just for show 😛

I think lichens are a lot of fun. I always thought they were plants when I was a kid. And it’s cool how tough they are, it’s always fun to go hiking to the top of a mountain and see aaaaall life disappear as you ascend, but then at the top, there is still loads of hefty lichens clinging to every stone. Amazing.

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