If you want to grow your own pomato plant, you can find instructions here: https://plantinstructions.com/vegetables/what-is-a-pomato-plant-and-how-to-grow-it/ (last accessed 16.07.2021) You can read more about the science behind grafting here: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/brainwaves/the-science-of-pomato-plants-and-fruit-salad-trees/ (last accessed 16.07.2021)

Sperm whales

Saw a picture of this earlier today, it looks really weird 😛 Take a look at this: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/article/sperm-whales-nap-sleeping-photography-spd and this: https://www.livescience.com/59910-sleeping-sperm-whales.html (Last accessed 13.07.2021)

Chicken heads

They do look funny. This is also why they bob their head when they walk, they stick out their neck and then the rest of the body follows to “catch up ” with it. Learn more: http://www.cogsci.nl/blog/stabilizing-vision-do-the-chicken-head.html (They are citing this book: Land, M.F., &…

Mitosis vs meiosis (+ some terms)

Okey, it is finally done! And not all that pretty, but whatever. This is the first one that I have split in two, but I think that was necessary. I have posted a detailed mitosis one before, illustrating the different steps, but I wanted to…

Soapy cilantro

I suppose a lot of people already know this one, but I figured it would be fun for those who didn’t, and also nice to have something we can shove in someone’s face if they should disagree that cilantro is inherently nasty. Oh, and also…

Black and white vision

I was working on a piece about mitosis and meiosis, because the three other things I was working on was not super relevant for school, and it has been a while since I made something that’s useful for school. But then I started to make…


‘”Chemical” is not a dirty word. “ew, that food is full of chemicals”. Yes, of course it is, and so are you 🙂 Seriously, you’re just full of it. ReAgent wrote a nice and short article about this, have a look: https://www.reagent.co.uk/what-exactly-is-a-chemical/ (last accessed 11.06.2021)

Koala fingerprints

Don’t play cute with me, I know you robbed the zoo, you fuzzyface! I’m not sure where I actually first learned this fact, but I of course need to link to something to prove that I’m not making up crazy stuff and to make sure…

Iron snail

Yiha, hot stuff. Check out more: https://www.wired.com/2015/02/absurd-creature-of-the-week-scaly-foot-snail/ (last accessed 01.06.2021) I have actually finished drawing some more facts, so exclusive stuff will come in the somewhat near future, but I had to finish this one first, because it is instagram-posting-day.

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