Stem cells

One of the best things about doing FancyFacts, is that I have a good reason to jump back into really old lessons. When people finish university and start working, it is easy to lose a lot of the basics. People usually don’t need everything they…

Thawing food

It sure is tempting to speed up the process, but why risk it? If you want to read more about this topic, I found that WebMD had a very nice and easy-to-read slideshow of what you should and should not do regarding defrosting:) And also,…

Basic DNA Replication

To learn a bit more, I would recommend Khanacademy  🙂 —– Khan Academy “Molecular mechanism of DNA replication” last accessed 6. february 2021

Ghost heart

The donor heart does not actually even have to be human. Science is awesome! Learn more in this easy-to-read article from nature. —– Maher “Tissue engineering: How to build a heart” published 3. july 2013, last accessed 6. february 2021


Yes, I am aware of what Pierce says in Community. But I’m not illustrating that =P I made this one up, so I’m not adding a source to that. But you can read more about taxonomic ranks here —– Lumen, Biology for Non-majors 1 “Taxonomy”…


I was just looking at a model of an ethanol molecule in my liquor cabinet and thought this would be funny. (last accessed 6. february 2021)

Zombie ant

Nature is cool and creepy. The fungus wants a place with the right humidity and the right conditions for spore dispersal, and it wants a snack. It achieves all of this by hijacking a poor ant, forcing it to leave its home and follow the…

Resistant target!

They sure are sneaky little things. This is just one example of how bacteria can resist antibiotics. Read more in one of my favorite articles: Reygaert (2018) “An overview of the antimicrobial resistance mechanisms of bacteria”

Big Blue Boii

These things are huge.. I guess we all knew that, but that tongue thing is impressive. Read more about blue whales and their size at BBC earth   Connor “The anatomy of a whale” last accessed 6. february 2021

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