Air in chips bags

I have seen a lot of people complain about air in chips bags, but really this is kind of a blessing in disguise. I didn’t bother to dig up any scientific research to prove this, since I could just show you. I found a free…

Horizontal gene transfer

Transformation is the process whereby bacteria can “ingest” DNA from the environment and incorporate it into its own genome. It is incorporated either into the “main” DNA or as a plasmid, which is a separate form of “bonus-DNA” that bacteria have. Either way, the DNA…

Hemophilia has more on hemophilia. —– Mayoclinic “Hemophilia” last accessed 6. february 2021

Kiwi evolution

Evolution doesn’t allways result in outcomes that are “fair” or optimal. Evolution doesn’t actually “care” to make any one species the best that they can be. As long as you survive, and your offspring survives, you pretty much have to deal with the crap you…


The British Society for Immunology has a nice and understandable explaination of vaccines here: If you want a slightly more scientific version, take a look at: Clem (2011) Fundamentals of Vaccine Immunology, available at

Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is an increasing problem that we all must do our part to stave off. You must of course use antibiotics whenever it’s necessary, but at the same time you should work with your doctor to limit the use of antibiotics, and use them…


Scorpions are cool. You can read more about how they glow under ultra violet light here and here —– Jesslyn Shields, Howstuffworks “Why Scorpions Glow Under Black Light” last accessed 6. february 2021 American Chemical Society. “Scorpions make a fluorescent compound that  could help…

Egg Size

Want to learn more?: Also, take a look at this egg-size comparison. —– Sam Dean “Why Is the Kiwi’s Egg So Big?” last accessed 6. february 2021 Egg-size comparison on Wikipedia: last accessed 6. february 2021

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