Okey, it is finally done! And not all that pretty, but whatever. This is the first one that I have split in two, but I think that was necessary. I have posted a detailed mitosis one before, illustrating the different steps, but I wanted to make something that easily shows the difference between mitosis and meiosis, and also explains some of the terms that are often used in text books, because that was something that confused me when I first started learning about this years ago. Like “without all of the insane details inside the cells, can someone PLEASE just show me the BASIC difference between mitosis and meiosis?” and “well, CRAP, what is the difference between chromosomes, chromatin and chromatids?”. Of course, now I know this in detail so I might have fallen into the same trap as the people who wrote my text books and made it too complicated in an attempt to be accurate and explain it reeeally well, but I hope not. Time will tell =P

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