Thawing food

It sure is tempting to speed up the process, but why risk it? If you want to read more about this topic, I found that WebMD had a very nice and easy-to-read slideshow of what you should and should not do regarding defrosting:) And also,…

Arctic foxes

You can read more about arctic foxes here: If you want to learn more about their burrows this article goes into more depth:


Honey has really interesting antimicrobial properties. You can read more about it in Mandal and Mandal (2011) “Honey: its medicinal property and antibacterial activity” from Cesar et. al. (2020) “Bacterial Evolution in High-Osmolarity Environments.” from looks into how bacteria handle being in environments…

Basic DNA Replication

To learn a bit more, I would recommend Khanacademy  🙂 —– Khan Academy “Molecular mechanism of DNA replication” last accessed 6. february 2021

Poop Coffee

I mean.. I don’t even like coffee, so this is probably not for me. Also, I do not have US$1300 for wild-collected beans ( ). But if I were to try it, i would definitely pay more to get the wild type. Caging these…

Ghost heart

The donor heart does not actually even have to be human. Science is awesome! Learn more in this easy-to-read article from nature. —– Maher “Tissue engineering: How to build a heart” published 3. july 2013, last accessed 6. february 2021

Rat drivers

The scientists constructed a little car the rats could enter and control by touching some metal wires to either turn or drive forwards. They found that not only could rats be trained to drive in fairly complex patterns, but learning to drive lowered their stress…


Yes, I am aware of what Pierce says in Community. But I’m not illustrating that =P I made this one up, so I’m not adding a source to that. But you can read more about taxonomic ranks here —– Lumen, Biology for Non-majors 1 “Taxonomy”…

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